Hongyan Gu

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  • H Gu, S M Subramanian, Hongyan Gu, Suneetha M Subramanian
  • 2014
Drivers of change in socio-ecological production landscapes: implications for better management. ABSTRACT. The term socio-ecological production landscapes (SEPLs) has recently gained currency in conservation circles because of a recognized need to look beyond protected areas to the management of human-influenced landscapes and ecosystems. We have drawn on a(More)
Macrophages (MΦ) and dendritic cells (DCs) are both pivotal antigen presenting cells capable of inducing specific cellular responses to inhaled mycobacteria, and thus, they may be important in the initiation of early immune responses to mycobacterial infection. In this study, we evaluated and compared the roles of murine splenic DCs and MΦs in immunity(More)
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