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Cell polarity proteins regulate tight junction formation and directional migration in epithelial cells. To date, the mechanism by which these polarity proteins assemble at the leading edge of migrating epithelial cells remains unclear. We report that occludin, a transmembrane protein, is localized at the leading edge of migrating cells and regulates(More)
Salt cress (Thellungiella halophila), a salt-tolerant relative of Arabidopsis, has turned to be an important model plant for studying abiotic stress tolerance. One binary bacterial artificial chromosome (BIBAC) library was constructed which represents the first plant-transformation-competent large-insert DNA library generated for Thellungiella halophila.(More)
This article contains a typographical error in the 'Introduction' section. " These small mountainous watersheds were rapidly flushed during typhoons, the lag time between flood peak and rain peak is only ~6 hours 12,40 … " should read: " These small mountainous watersheds were rapidly flushed during typhoons, the lag time between flood peak and rain peak is(More)
Lacustrine record of marine aerosol input has rarely been documented. Here, we present the sulfur geochemistry during the last deglaciation and early Holocene of a sediment core retrieved from the Dongyuan Lake in southern Taiwan. An unusually high sulfur peak accompanying pyrite presence is observed at 10.5 ka BP. Such high sulfur content in lacustrine(More)
Dissolved black carbon (DBC) is the largest known slow-cycling organic carbon pool in the world's oceans. Atmospheric deposition could significantly contribute to the oceanic DBC pool, but respective information is lacking. Here we estimate that, during the dust outbreak season, the atmospheric dry deposition of water-soluble black carbon (WSBC) is ~ 40% of(More)
The land-to-ocean export of particulate organic carbon (POC) connects carbon flow from the atmosphere through land to the ocean, of which the contemporary fraction that reaches the deep sea for burial may effectively affect atmospheric CO2. In this regard, small mountainous rivers (SMRs) in Oceania, a global erosion hotspot driven by torrential typhoon rain(More)
In the light of the parameters interrelated characteristics in the process of chaos phase space reconstruction, this paper proposed a new way to determine embedding dimension and delay time simultaneously, that is, symbolic analysis-based multi-component conditional entropy method. Conditional entropy was introduced to characterize information increment and(More)
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