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On-demand broadcast is a promising data dissemination approach in mobile computing environments thanks to its adaptability and scalability for large-scale and dynamic workload. An important class of emerging data broadcast applications needs to monitor multiple time-varying data items continuously to be kept aware of the up-to-date information. This paper(More)
In distributed computing systems, processes in different hosts take checkpoints to survive failures. For mobile computing systems, due to certain new characteristics such as mobility, low bandwidth, disconnection, low power consumption and limited memory, conventional distributed checkpointing schemes need to be reconsidered. In this paper, a novel(More)
Real-time stream processing applications must be prepared to operate under overloaded conditions. Existing load shedding techniques are not suitable for processing real-time data streams because their tuple dropping policies may violate application deadlines in an uncontrolled way. We'd argue that a more precise load shedding model, e.g., the (m, k)(More)
Organometal halide perovskites have recently emerged as outstanding semiconductors for solid-state optoelectronic devices. Their sensitivity to moisture is one of the biggest barriers to commercialization. In order to identify the effect of moisture in the degradation process, here we combined the in situ electrical resistance measurement with time-resolved(More)
BACKGROUND Defining common reference intervals (RIs) are encouraging. The aim of this study is to establish RIs for complete blood count (CBC) in a Chinese Han population and probe their age- and sex-related CBC trends. Additionally, we will compare the CBC RIs of Han with those of other races. METHODS In total 1259 Han individuals (584 male and 675(More)
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is a serious complication and it leads to kidney failure. The endothelial nitric oxide synthases (eNOS) seems to be involved in the development and progression of DN. The Puerarin is a well-known Chinese traditional formula, which is widely used in clinical practice for the treatment of kidney disease. The present study was(More)
Data broadcast is a widely accepted data dissemination method for mobile computing systems. When data broadcast is used to deliver frequently updated data to mobile read-only transactions, we call it updates dissemination. Existed updates dissemination protocols are unsuitable for mobile real-time read-only transaction processing since they neglect the time(More)
HONG-YA WANG, GUO-QIN NING, GUO-HUI LI AND KAM-YIU LAM School of Computer Science and Technology Donghua University Shanghai 200016, P.R.C. Department of Information Technology Central China Normal University Hubei 430079, P.R.C. College of Computer Science and Technology Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hubei 430074, P.R.C. Department of(More)
BACKGROUND The availability of reference intervals is essential for physicians to interpret laboratory results. Most of our laboratory reference intervals are derived from data on the foreign population. We have studied the reference intervals of 24 common laboratory biochemical tests in an apparently healthy adult Han population of Northern China. (More)