Hongxiu Gao

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Lead contractor for deliverable: ISTI Author(s): Maurice H. ter Beek (ISTI) with contributions from L. Acciai, M. Boreale, R. De Nicola, M. Loreti, R. Pugliese, F. Tiezzi (DSIUF), H. Gao, F. Nielson, H.R. Nielson (DTU), H.T. Vieira (FFCUL), S. Gnesi, D. Latella, M. Massink, F. Mazzanti (ISTI), A. Knapp, N. Koch, P. Mayer, M. Wirsing (LMU), C. Bodei, R.(More)
Crossing, backcrossing, and molecular marker-assisted background selection produced a soybean (Glycine max) near-isogenic line (cgy-2-NIL) containing the cgy-2 allele, which is responsible for the absence of the allergenic α-subunit of β-conglycinin. To identify α-null-related transcriptional changes, the gene expressions of cgy-2-NIL and its recurrent(More)
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