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A compact lowpass filter with wide stopband is discussed in this paper. To obtain wide stopband, ten open stubs are embedded into the microstrip signal path, the low passband bandwidth and the spurious suppression can be adjusted by the two stubs on the top and the bottom. Based on the proposed topology, a prototype was fabricated to achieve the wide(More)
Evapotranspiration (ET) is the process by which liquid water becomes water vapor and energetically this accounts for much of incoming solar radiation. If this ET did not occur temperatures would be higher, so understanding ET trends is crucial to predict future temperatures. Recent studies have reported prolonged declines in ET in recent decades, although(More)
In order to improve the operating efficiency of mixture storage yard, the problem of multiple yard cranes scheduling (MYCS) must to be solved. The paper develops a multiple yard cranes scheduling MIP model in order to minimize the sum of trucks’ waiting cost and yard cranes’ moving cost. An important feature is that the future has to be taken into account:(More)
This study was performed to evaluate the effect of concomitant supplementation of genistein and silicon on bone mineral density and bone metabolism-related markers in ovariectomized rat. Three-month-old Sprague Dawley female rats were subjected to bilateral ovariectomy (OVX) or sham surgery, and then the OVX rats were randomly divided into four groups:(More)
The bistatic radar cross section (RCS) of a perfectly electric conducting (PEC) cylinder coated with nonuniform plasma have been simulated using finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. Three models of plasma electron density distribution have been discussed. Several important conclusions have been obtained. These conclusions are especially useful for(More)
The growth in mobile communication and Internet usage has lead to increase in demand for robust transmission of compressed video over error prone channels. The quality of decoded video in erroneous environment depends on efficient detection and concealment of errors. In this paper, improved error detection and concealment techniques using syntactic,(More)
To achieve compact structure and better frequency characteristics, a tunable bandstop filter is discussed in this paper. Compared to the conventional bandstop filter with open stubs, the proposed filter can obtain a more compact structure by using folding open stubs and can acquire wider rejection bandwidth and deeper maximum rejection by employing the(More)
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