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High-resolution, real-time data obtained by human motion tracking systems can be used for gait analysis, which helps better understanding the cause of many diseases for more effective treatments, such as rehabilitation for outpatients or recovery from lost motor functions after a stroke. In order to achieve real-time ambulatory human motion tracking with(More)
This paper describes a behavior control method for intelligent wheelchair in uncertain environments. The intelligent wheelchair is introduced, and the model and principle of Partially Observable Decision Process (POMDP) are given. A hierarchical POMDP model is proposed, which decomposes the decision making process into a set of small ones that can be done(More)
The integral is one of the most important foundations for modeling dynamical systems. The gauge integral is a generalization of the Riemann integral and the Lebesgue integral and applies to a much wider class of functions. In this paper, we formalize the operational properties which contain the linearity, monotonicity, integration by parts, the Cauchy-type(More)
In this paper, a body sensor network (BSN) based context aware QRS detection scheme is proposed. The algorithm uses the context information provided by the body sensor network to improve the QRS detection performance by dynamically selecting the leads with best SNR and taking advantage of the best features of two complementary detection algorithms. The(More)
This paper presents a novel self-assembly modular robot (Sambot) that also shares characteristics with self-reconfigurable and self-assembly and swarm robots. Each Sambot can move autonomously and connect with the others. Multiple Sambot can be self-assembled to form a robotic structure, which can be reconfigured into different configurable robots and can(More)
UNLABELLED The prognostic value of myocardial viability assessment on left ventricular (LV) aneurysms remains undetermined. We aimed, first, to evaluate the long-term survival benefit of assessing the viability of the aneurysmal myocardium in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy and, second, in the revascularization subgroup, to compare the short-term(More)
Self-assembly is a process during which pre-existing components are autonomously organized into some special patterns or structures without human intervention. In this paper, we propose a new control algorithm on distributed self-assembly which is implemented on the Sambot robot platform. A directional self-assembly control model is proposed, in which a(More)
Long term continuous monitoring of electrocardiogram (ECG) in a free living environment provides valuable information for prevention on the heart attack and other high risk diseases. This paper presents the design of a real-time wearable ECG monitoring system with associated cardiac arrhythmia classification algorithms. One of the striking advantages is(More)