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Factor space theory in fuzzy information processing—Composition of states of factors and multifactorial decision making
Abstract The concept of factor space used in fuzzy information processing is investigated. The composition of the states of factors, which is a basic tool in multifactorial decision making, is firstExpand
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The Impacts of Socioeconomic Development on Rural Drinking Water Safety in China: A Provincial-Level Comparative Analysis
In China, achieving rural drinking water safety—meaning access to a safe, affordable, sufficient, and sustainable drinking water supply—remains a key challenge for government agencies andExpand
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Inclusion measures, similarity measures, and the fuzziness of fuzzy sets and their relations: Research Articles
The inclusion measure, the similarity measure, and the fuzziness of fuzzy sets are three important measures in fuzzy set theory. In this article, we investigate the relations among inclusionExpand
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Remote sensing for snow hydrology in China: challenges and perspectives
Abstract Snow is one of the most important components of the cryosphere. Remote sensing of snow focuses on the retrieval of snow parameters and monitoring of variations in snow using satellite data.Expand
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Models of neurons based on factor space
Abstract Based on the factor space theory, several models of neurons, both with and without respect to time, are proposed and investigated. The mechanism of neurons is also discussed in detail.Expand
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Hydrogel-coating improves the in-vivo stability of electrochemical aptamer-based biosensors
The ability to track the levels of specific molecules, such as drugs, metabolites, and biomarkers, in the living body, in real time and for long durations would improve our understanding of healthExpand
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Combining Spatial Analysis and a Drinking Water Quality Index to Evaluate Monitoring Data
Drinking water monitoring is essential for identifying health-related risks, as well as for building foundations for management of safe drinking water supplies. However, statistical analyses ofExpand
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Factor spaces theory and its applications to fuzzy information processing: Two kinds of factor space canes☆
Abstract Factor space canes are discussed in details in this paper. First, naive thoughts of factor space canes are subscribed in order to have a clear notions about factor spaces and factor spaceExpand
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Hematopoietic stem cells and lineage cells undergo dynamic alterations under microgravity and recovery conditions
Spaceflight leads to health risks including bone demineralization, skeletal muscle atrophy, cardiovascular dysfunction, and disorders of almost all physiologic systems. However, the impacts ofExpand
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Implementation of water safety plans in China: 2004-2018.
The application of Water Safety Plans (WSPs) in China varies throughout the country. Although pilot WSP projects in China were initiated shortly after WSP was introduced by the World HealthExpand
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