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In this paper, workflow management technology is used to achieve business process integration. The main idea is that the services provided by the business processes of an enterprise are implemented as corresponding workflow models, which can be considered to be "black boxes", but can be subscribed and reused as subworkflows by the service requestors in(More)
This paper focus on how the logistic industries especially which dealing with e-Commerce match another approaching trend of e-Commerce. This paper suggest the concept e-Commerce Logistics which integrates logistic services and e-Commerce application services based on the integration theories and studied the developing trend of international logistic(More)
The role of virtual community has become more important to consumers purchase decision. But which factors of virtual community are very important? In our study, we therefore use SEM to test three factors, such as information, member and platform. We found that professional or experiential information, ease use system are significant correlation with the(More)
The article mainly focuses on the application of clustering in regional economy through clustering analysis on regional economy of Beijing area by using AGNES algorithms of hierarchical cluster analysis in data mining. Further explanation to the operational process of hierarchical methods of clustering and algorithms methods is given through the course of(More)
Supply chain management has become a new model of enterprise management in the 21st century. It minimizes internal friction of the supply chain system, improves the system’s overall competitiveness and promotes each member’s competitive power in the system. As a regional economy phenomenon, industrial clusters receive more and more people to pay attention(More)
In recent years, a series of circulars about educational informatization issued subsequently by the Ministry of Education have encouraged colleges to build their own E-Campus by means of information technology, which promotes building of the higher education's informatization. Amongst them, college and faculty digital office system is an important part of(More)
This paper proposes a method that can improve the SET payment system using RBAC. It mainly aims at the flaws that the payment process in SET system is quite complex, and it's difficult to save and check the payment information. The method can solve the problem of saving and checking the payment information by adding a resource server to the payment system,(More)
Automatic labeling of the hippocampus in brain MR images is highly demanded, as it has played an important role in imaging-based brain studies. However, accurate labeling of the hippocampus is still challenging, partially due to the ambiguous intensity boundary between the hippocampus and surrounding anatomies. In this paper, we propose a concatenated set(More)
Information technology and network technology bring about bran-new digitized system, ridding people of brainwork as well as manual labor and managing data, from which the knowledge that is unknown so far but capable of helping creative work and intelligent decisions can be exploited. The article introduces the overall frame and the key technology of(More)