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OBJECTIVE To compare the ettect and side-ettect of fluoxetine and combination of fluoxetine and Chinese or Tibetan medicine in treating senile depression in plateau district. Methods Ninety patients with diagnosis of senile depression conformed to CCMD-3 standard, in plateau district of 2260 - 3200 m altitude were randomly divided into three groups and(More)
In order to maximize the network lifetime for target coverage, we propose a distributed optimum coverage algorithm for point target in wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we first present a 1-hop local target coverage problem, next analyze the critical restraint of this problem and introduced the definition of key target, then designed an energy(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the levels of uric acid, blood pressure, serum lipid metabolic disorders and the distribution of obesity and metabolic syndrome (MS) among Uygur, Han and Kazak pre-diabetic groups in Xinjiang. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted on 2053 Uygur residents, 2219 Kazak residents and 2656 Han residents aged 30-80, all with(More)
Trichodones A-C (1-3, resp.), three new sesquiterpenes, together with the two known cyclopeptides PF1022F and halobacillin (4 and 5, resp.), have been isolated from the crude extract of the endophytic fungus Trichoderma asperellum SAMUELS, LIECKF. & NIRENBERG residing in the traditional Chinese medicinal plant Panax notoginseng (BURKILL) F.H.CHEN. The(More)
Epidemiological studies have indicated that particulate matter (PM) exposure is most likely relevant to atherosclerosis. Endothelial cell injury and dysfunction are considered the early events in the initiation of atherosclerosis. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), with a smaller size and higher reactive activity, may induce much higher toxicity to endothelial(More)
PURPOSE MET signaling has been suggested a potential role in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and associated with prometastasis during antiangiogenesis therapy. We investigated the potential association between MET expression and therapeutic response to sorafenib in patients with HCC. Antitumor effects of cabozantinib, a dual inhibitor of MET and VEGFR2, were(More)
Nanoparticle penetration into cell membranes is an interesting phenomenon that may have crucial implications on the nanoparticles' biomedical applications. In this paper, a coarse-grained model for gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) is developed (verified against experimental data available) to simulate their interactions with model lipid membranes. Simulations(More)
Xin-Ke-Shu (XKS), a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) preparation containing five herbal medicines, has been commonly used for the treatment of coronary heart disease in China. However, the chemical constituents in XKS have not been clarified yet. In order to quickly define the chemical profiles and control the quality of XKS preparations, liquid(More)
More and more silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have been released into the aquatic environment due to their widespread use, which may result in harmful effects on aquatic organisms. Environmental risk assessments of AgNPs on aquatic organisms in the natural environment (including light, sound, etc.) are indispensable. The aim of the present study was to(More)
Due to their bactericidal and photocatalytic characteristics, silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) and titanium dioxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) are widely used in the fields of environment and physiology. Once these untreated nanoparticles are released into an aquatic environment and encounter one another, there is more uncertainty about their fate and(More)