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Because the drilling complications happen randomly and uncertainly,this article uses association rules algorithm to analyze and predict the connections among drilling troubles and its researching data is the complications happened around the oil well,then draw a conclusion whether one or more complications can cause others,so as to improve the forecasting(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer cells survival depends on glucose metabolism and ATP. Inhibiting glucose metabolism is a possible anticancer treatment. The phosphorylation of 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG), which is a glycogen analogue, seriously affects the normal glycometabolism phosphorylation process, leading to ATP consumption. Studies showed that 2-DG could regulate RIP(More)
For the problems of large computational complexity and splitting attribute selection inclining to choose the attribute which has many values in ID3 algorithm,this paper presents an improved algorithm based on the Information Entropy and Attribute Weights.In the improved algorithm,it has been combined with the Taylor's theorem and Attribute Similarity(More)
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