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PET Timing Performance Measurement Method Using NEMA NEC Phantom
When comparing the performance of time-of-flight whole-body PET scanners, timing resolution is one important benchmark. Timing performance is heavily influenced by detector and electronics design.Expand
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Improved list-mode reconstruction with an Area-Simulating-Volume projector in 3D PET
In this paper, a new forward/backward projector-Area-Simulating-Volume (ASV) is proposed to improve image quality in 3D list-mode PET reconstruction. Expand
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Dual-kernel based 2D linear discriminant analysis for face recognition
This paper proposes a new image feature extraction method for face recognition, called dual-kernel based two dimensional linear discriminant analysis (D-K2DLDA), by integrating multiple kernel discriminant Analysis with the existing K2DFDA method. Expand
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A study of count-rate dependent normalization effect in 3D-PET data
We first studied the effect of count-rate dependent normalization in 3D PET reconstructed images in a recent developed PET prototype. Expand
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A Fault Tolerance NoC Topology and Adaptive Routing Algorithm
The congestion in any regions or the faults in routing nodes, communication links and processing elements(PEs) will affect the NoC performance seriously in the multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) based on network on chip (NoC). Expand
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Optimizing Weight and Threshold of BP Neural Network Using SFLA: Applications to Nonlinear Function Fitting
We show that SFLA performs better than Genetic Algorithms (GAs) in the optimization of BP network's weight and threshold value, which are used in the nonlinear function fitting. Expand
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Partially shared cache and adaptive replacement algorithm for NoC-based many-core systems
We propose a partially shared cache structure based on a mesh NoC and a core-aware re-reference interval prediction (CA-RRIP) replacement algorithm to maximize the performance of this cache structure. Expand
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PET random reduction with a FOV-dependent coincidence window and tangential TOF-mask
Time-of-flight (TOF) positron emission tomography (PET) has achieved a 500-600 ps coincidence timing resolution for clinical whole-body scanners. TOF PET has been used to narrow the coincidenceExpand
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Mean absorbed dose to mouse in micro-CT imaging with an ultrafast laser-based x-ray source
We have investigated theoretically the mean absorbed dose to the mouse in our newly constructed, in-line holography, x-ray phase-contrast, in-vivo, micro-CT system with an ultrafast laser-based x-rayExpand
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Initial experimentation with in-line holography x-ray phase-contrast imaging with an ultrafast laser-based x-ray source
We have investigated experimentally and theoretically the imaging performance of our newly constructed in-line holography x-ray phase-contrast imaging system with an ultrafast laser-based x-rayExpand
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