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In radar tracking application, the observation noise is highly non-Gaussian, which is also referred as glint noise. The performance of extended Kalman filter degrades severely in the presence of glint noise. In this paper, an improved particle filter, Markov chain Monte Carlo particle filter (MCMC-PF), is introduced to cope with radar target tracking in(More)
PURPOSE VEGF receptor 2 (VEGFR2) inhibitors, as efficient antiangiogenesis agents, have been applied in the cancer treatment. However, currently most of these anticancer drugs suffer some adverse effects. Discovery of novel VEGFR2 inhibitors as anticancer drug candidates is still needed. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN In this investigation, we adopted a restricted(More)
Although the whole tumor cell vaccine can provide the best source of immunizing antigens, there is still a limitation that most tumors are not naturally immunogenic. Tumor cells genetically modified to secrete immune activating cytokines have been proved to be more immunogenic. IL-18 could augment proliferation of T cells and cytotoxicity of NK cells.(More)
An examination of the effect of B- and P-doping and codoping on the electronic structure of anatase TiO2 by performing density functional theory calculations revealed the following: (i) B- or P-doping effects are similar to atomic undercoordination effects on local bond relaxation and core electron entrapment; (ii) the locally entrapped charge adds impurity(More)
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