Hongwei Huang

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The difficulties of simulating non-Gaussian stochastic processes to follow arbitrary product–moment covariance models and arbitrary non-Gaussian marginal distributions are well known. This paper proposes to circumvent these difficulties by prescribing a fractile correlation function, rather than the usual product–moment covariance function. This fractile(More)
We describe the methodology and results from our participation in the second Antibody Modeling Assessment experiment. During the experiment we predicted the structure of eleven unpublished antibody Fv fragments. Our prediction methods centered on template-based modeling; potential templates were selected from an antibody database based on their sequence(More)
The influence of various test meals and fluid volume on the relative bioavailability of ampicillin and amoxicillin was studied in healthy human subjects. Serum amoxicillin levels were somewhat, but not always, significantly higher than those of ampicillin from equivalent oral doses. Food ingested immediately before dosing reduced serum levels and urinary(More)
OBJECTIVES Increasing evidence indicates that ezrin/radixin/moesin (ERM) proteins may play a critical role in cell proliferation. This study examined the role of ERM proteins in proliferation of fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS) from patients with RA. METHODS Synovial tissues (STs) were obtained from 18 RA and 6 OA patients. The expression of ERM and its(More)
The influence of various test meals and coadministered water volumes on erythromycin stearate bioavailability from orally dosed film-coated tablets was studied in healthy human subjects. Serum erythromycin levels were uniformly reduced by all test meals, with the reduction in mean peak serum levels varying from 47 to 60%. Serum erythromycin levels also were(More)
Efficient photo- and piezoelectric-induced molecular oxygen activation are both achieved by macroscopic polarization enhancement on a noncentrosymmetric piezoelectric semiconductor BiOIO3 . The replacement of V5+ ions for I5+ in IO3 polyhedra gives rise to strengthened macroscopic polarization of BiOIO3 , which facilitates the charge separation in the(More)
Herein, we uncover simultaneously achieving plasmonic Bi metal deposition and I(-) doping by employing wide-band-gap BiOIO3 as the self-sacrificing template. It was synthesized via a facile NaBH4-assisted in situ reduction route under ambient conditions. The reducing extent as well as photocatalytic levels can be easily modulated by controlling the(More)
The fabrication of multiple heterojunctions with tunable photocatalytic reactivity in full-range BiOBr-BiOI composites based on microstructure modulation and band structures is demonstrated. The multiple heterojunctions are constructed by precipitation at room temperature and characterized systematically. Photocatalytic experiments indicate that there are(More)
A high-performance visible-light-active photocatalyst is prepared using the polyelectrolyte/exfoliated titania nanosheet/graphene oxide (GO) precursor by flocculation followed by calcination. The polyelectrolyte poly(diallyl-dimethyl-ammonium chloride) serves not only as an effective binder to precipitate GO and titania nanosheets, but also boosts the(More)
Deep-UV coherent light generated by nonlinear optical (NLO) materials possesses highly important applications in photonic technologies. Beryllium borates comprising anionic planar layers have been shown to be the most promising deep UV NLO materials. Here, two novel NLO beryllium borates Na2Be4B4O11 and LiNa5Be12B12O33 have been developed through cationic(More)