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We describe the methodology and results from our participation in the second Antibody Modeling Assessment experiment. During the experiment we predicted the structure of eleven unpublished antibody Fv fragments. Our prediction methods centered on template-based modeling; potential templates were selected from an antibody database based on their sequence(More)
Crack detection is of particular crucial for safety and cost-effective maintenance of concrete structures. Many image-based detection methods have been highly proposed for their automation, objectivity and efficiency. However there are many difficulties in image-based crack detection for various reasons. In this paper, the present image-based crack(More)
For failure analysis, most of defects are visible to imaging tools, such as OM, SEM, FIB, TEM etc. However, there are still lots of non-visible defects which cannot be caught by these tools. As complexity for such non-visible defect failure analysis is much high, FA engineers were often puzzled where to begin from. Two such cases were presented in this(More)
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