Hongwei Deng

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Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) is an important target in anticancer therapy. Here we report how a novel EGF-R peptide ligand (D4: Leu-Ala-Arg-Leu-Leu-Thr) is identified using a computer-aided design approach from a virtual peptide library of putative EGF-R binding peptides by screening against the EGF-R X-ray crystal structure in silico and in(More)
In this study we investigated the biocompatibility of collagen-chitosan-sodium hyaluronate (Col-Chi-NaHA) complexes and cornea tissue, and the feasibility of Col-Chi-NaHA complexes as substrates for cultivating rabbit corneal cells. Different components of Col-Chi-NaHA complexes were prepared and tested. A circular complex film with a diameter of 6 mm was(More)
Electroporation has been shown to be an effective method to improve the efficiency of gene expression and the immunogenicity of DNA vaccines. In order to optimize the procedure and test for its efficacy in more clinically relevant large animal models, we examined the detailed immune responses in rhesus macaques after vaccination intramuscularly with(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate relationships between fundus torsion, A- or V-pattern strabismus, and oblique muscle over- or underaction, and to explore the influence of stereopsis on these relationships. METHODS The medical records of patients with A or V patterns and/or abnormal ocular torsion seen at a single institution over nearly 30 years were retrospectively(More)
A simple and compact ultra wideband (UWB) printed monopole antenna with band-notched performance is proposed in this paper. The antenna is partially grounded so that the Q value is depressed and the impedance bandwidth is broadened. A small strip bar is loaded at the centre of the square ring radiator and the impedance bandwidth of the antenna overlapped(More)
In general, the present China’s safety production situation takes a turn for the better continually, but the situation remains harsh; it is considered that one of the important measures for preventing accidents is intensifying safety education, safety training and improving the quality of laborers. In this paper, the famous statistical software—SPSS is(More)
Based on underground continuous mining technologies, it is one of the developing directions of modern underground metal mines to implement induction roof instability caving, which is used to handle mined-out area. And this mechanical instability process is a typical slow-speed time-varying boundary mechanical problem, of which the main characteristic is(More)
In modern wireless networks, optimizing the association between base stations (BSs) and users effectively improves network performance. On the other hand, a frequently changing BS-user association renders considerable operational burden for network management, e.g., it consumes extra power to awaken the deactivated BSs and to support users' switching among(More)
For better predicting and optimizing the blasting parameters in underground deep-hole mining, 16 groups of deep-hole blasting parameters are collected and collated, combining rough set and artificial neuron network theory, an optimized model for basting parameters in underground mines’ long-hole caving based on rough set and artificial neural(More)