Hongtu Xie

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Inorganic fertilizer is one of the most important anthropogenic inputs which influences soil nutrient turnover in agricultural ecosystems. However, as the key process involved in the maintenance, transformation and stability of soil nitrogen (N), the incorporation and allocation of fertilizer N between different soil organic N (SON) fractions in a growing(More)
Glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP) contributes to the formation and maintenance of soil aggregates, it is however remains unclear whether long-term intensive manure amendments alter soil aggregates stability and whether GRSP regulates these changes. Based on a three-decade long fertilization experiment in northeast China, this study examined the impact of(More)
Soil types have traditionally been determined by soil physical and chemical properties, diagnostic horizons and pedogenic processes based on a given classification system. This is a laborious and time consuming process. Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy can comprehensively characterize soil properties, and may provide a viable alternative method for soil(More)
With the rapid development of the one-stationary bistatic forward-looking synthetic aperture radar (OS-BFSAR) technology, the huge amount of the remote sensing data presents challenges for real-time imaging processing. In this paper, an efficient time-domain algorithm (ETDA) considering the motion errors for the OS-BFSAR imaging processing, is presented.(More)
In conservation tillage systems, at least 30% of the soil surface was covered by crop residues which generally contain significant amounts of nitrogen (N). However, little is known about the multi-seasonal recoveries of the N derived from these crop residues in soil-crop systems, notably in northeastern China. In a temperate agro-ecosystem, 15N-labeled(More)
Keywords: Newly synthesized amino acids Soil amino acids Soil N mineralization Stable isotope analysis a b s t r a c t Newly synthesized amino acids are the principle compounds created after inorganic nitrogen (N) is rapidly immobilized into microbial tissues. However, little is known about the mineralization kinetics of these newly synthesized amino acids(More)
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