Hongtu Xie

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With the rapid development of the one-stationary bistatic forward-looking synthetic aperture radar (OS-BFSAR) technology, the huge amount of the remote sensing data presents challenges for real-time imaging processing. In this paper, an efficient time-domain algorithm (ETDA) considering the motion errors for the OS-BFSAR imaging processing, is presented.(More)
Low frequency ultra-wide band (UWB) one-stationary bistatic synthetic aperture radar (OS-BiSAR) has serious azimuth-variance and longer synthetic aperture, which greatly complicate the range-azimuth coupling and motion errors and limits the application of frequency domain algorithms. The back-projection (BP) algorithm has the well ability to handle the(More)
Due to the intrinsic property and unique advantage, circular synthetic aperture radar (CSAR) has lately become of the particular interest to the SAR community. The differences of the imaging properties between the monostatic and bistatic CSAR are compared and analyzed in this paper. Specifically, the detailed comparison of the wavenumber and resolution of(More)
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