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OBJECTIVE The authors sought to determine whether integrated mental health services or enhanced referral to specialty mental health clinics results in greater engagement in mental health/substance abuse services by older primary care patients. METHOD This multisite randomized trial included 10 sites consisting of primary care and specialty mental(More)
The authors identified correlates of active suicidal ideation and passive death ideation in older primary care patients with depression, anxiety, and at-risk alcohol use. Participants included 2,240 older primary care patients (age 65+), who were identified in three mutually exclusive groups on the basis of responses to the Paykel suicide questions: No(More)
This paper examines the issue of dynamically scheduling applications on a wide-area network computing system. We construct a simulation model for wide-area task allocation problem and study the performance of the proposed algorithm under different conditions. The simulation results indicate that the wide-area scheduling algorithm is sensitive to several(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol misuse is a growing public health concern for older adults, particularly among primary care patients. OBJECTIVES To determine alcohol consumption patterns and the characteristics associated with at-risk drinking in a large sample of elderly primary care patients. DESIGN Cross-sectional analysis of multisite screening data from 6 VA(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines whether older adult primary care patients are satisfied with two intervention models designed to ameliorate their behavioral health problems. METHODS A total of 1,052 primary care patients aged 65 and older with depression, anxiety, or at-risk drinking were randomly assigned to and participated in either integrated care (IC)(More)
OBJECTIVE This study, entitled Primary Care Research in Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the Elderly, examined six-month outcomes for older primary care patients with depression who received different models of treatment. METHODS Clinical outcomes were compared for patients who were randomly assigned to integrated care or enhanced specialty referral.(More)
OBJECTIVE In this secondary data analysis of Primary Care Research in Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the Elderly (PRIMSe) study, we hypothesized that older minorities who receive mental health services integrated in primary care settings would have greater service use and better mental health outcomes than older minorities referred to community(More)
Network computing attracts the attention of many computer researchers and scientists because it can better utilize existing computing resources. The key challenge of network computing is the search for the best method to distribute computing resources to submitted tasks. This thesis demonstrates a distributed dynamic scheduling of composite tasks on a grid(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the widespread recognition of cultural differences in depressive symptoms, it is unclear through what processes culture affects depressive symptoms. AIM This research aims at examining whether self-attention mediates the influence of acculturation on changes in depressive symptoms in an immigrant group. METHOD Adults of Asian cultural(More)
Stigma of mental illness is a major obstacle to its diagnosis and treatment and may be worse among Asians than Caucasians. This study compared the stigma of depression in 50 Chinese Americans (CA) and 50 Caucasian Americans (WA). Subjects were asked to read 5 case vignettes in the following order: diabetes mellitus (DB), major depressive disorder (MDD),(More)