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There is a pressing need for information on the mobility of nanoparticles in the complex aqueous matrices found in realistic environmental conditions. We dispersed three different metal oxide nanoparticles (TiO(2), ZnO and CeO(2)) in samples taken from eight different aqueous media associated with seawater, lagoon, river, and groundwater, and measured their(More)
PURPOSE To assess whether a low cerebrospinal fluid pressure (CSF-P) is associated with open-angle glaucoma in eyes with normal intraocular pressure (IOP). DESIGN Prospective, interventional study. PARTICIPANTS The study included 43 patients with open-angle glaucoma (14 with a normal IOP, and 29 with an elevated IOP) and 71 subjects without glaucoma. (More)
To investigate systematically the influence of pyrolysis temperature on properties and heavy metal adsorption potential of municipal sludge biochar, biophysical dried sludge was pyrolyzed under temperature varying from 500°C to 900°C. The biochar yield decreased with the increase in pyrolysis temperature, while the ash content retained mostly, thus(More)
Resistance to natural product chemotherapy drugs is a major obstacle to successful cancer treatment. This type of resistance is often acquired in response to drug exposure; however, the mechanisms of this adverse reaction are complex and elusive. Here, we have studied acquired resistance to Adriamycin, Vinca alkaloids, and etoposide in MCF-7 breast cancer(More)
Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are used to translate brain activity signals into control signals for external devices. Currently, it is difficult for BCI systems to provide the multiple independent control signals necessary for the multi-degree continuous control of a wheelchair. In this paper, we address this challenge by introducing a hybrid BCI that(More)
Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been developed as a horticultural crop due to the increasing demand in the world market. “Chunpoong” is an economically important cultivar with superior quality and high yield among nine cultivars of Korean ginseng. The aim of this work was to develop a simple technique for specific authentication of Chunpoong using DNA(More)
Stress stimuli can mediate apoptosis by generation of the lipid second messenger, ceramide. Herein we investigate the molecular mechanism of ceramide signaling in endothelial apoptosis induced by fenretinide (N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide (4-HPR)). 4-HPR, a synthetic derivative of retinoic acid that induces ceramide in tumor cell lines, has been shown to(More)
Successful modeling of liquid and air flow and hence designing of liquid and air addition systems in the landfills are constrained by the lack of key parameters of unsaturated hydraulic properties of municipal solid waste (MSW), which are strongly dependent on the depth of burial and the degree of decomposition. In this study, water retention curves (WRC)(More)
The receptor tyrosine kinase ret protooncogene (RET) is implicated in the pathogenesis of several diseases and in several developmental defects, particularly those in neural crest-derived structures and the genitourinary system. In order to further elucidate RET-mediated mechanisms that contribute to these diseases and decipher the basis for specificity in(More)
Fenretinide [N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide (4-HPR)] is cytotoxic in many cancer cell types. Studies have shown that elevation of ceramide species plays a role in 4-HPR cytotoxicity. To determine 4-HPR activity in a multidrug-resistant cancer cell line as well as to study ceramide metabolism, MCF-7/AdrR cells (redesignated NCI/ADR-RES) were treated with(More)