Hongsoo Choi

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Magnetically manipulated microrobots are demonstrated for targeted cell transportation. Full three-dimensional (3D) porous structures are fabricated with an SU-8 photoresist using a 3D laser lithography system. Nickel and titanium are deposited as a magnetic material and biocompatible material, respectively. The fabricated microrobots are controlled in the(More)
Magnetically actuated ciliary microrobots were designed, fabricated, and manipulated to mimic cilia-based microorganisms such as paramecia. Full three-dimensional (3D) microrobot structures were fabricated using 3D laser lithography to form a polymer base structure. A nickel/titanium bilayer was sputtered onto the cilia part of the microrobot to ensure(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) is effective when used to analyze ongoing cortical oscillations in cochlear implant (CI) users. However, localization of cortical activity in such users via qEEG is confounded by the presence of artifacts produced by the device itself. Typically, independent component analysis (ICA) is used to remove CI(More)
We proposed a piezoelectric artificial basilar membrane (ABM) composed of a microelectromechanical system cantilever array. The ABM mimics the tonotopy of the cochlea: frequency selectivity and mechanoelectric transduction. The fabricated ABM exhibits a clear tonotopy in an audible frequency range (2.92-12.6 kHz). Also, an animal model was used to verify(More)
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