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1 Using multiresolution representations, impressive coding gains are currently obtained with methods that separate position and amplitude information for independent coding. Thresholding is employed to obtain binary position patterns across subbands which are then eeciently coded. Amplitude information is embedded within the position information. A new,(More)
Iron is an essential element for plant growth and development, playing important roles in a variety of cellular activities including cell respiration, chlorophyll biosynthesis, and DNA synthesis. In chloroplasts, iron is essential for photosynthetic electron transport and functions as a cofactor for superoxide dismutases. Thus, iron homeostasis is critical(More)
Treating plants with abiotic or biotic factors can lead to the establishment of a unique primed state of defense. Primed plants display enhanced defense reactions upon further challenge with environmental stressors. Here, we report that trivalent chromium (Cr(III)) pretreatment can alleviate hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) toxicity in 2-week-old wheat plants.(More)
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