Hongshan Luo

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The effect of alkali-metal ions on the local structure and luminescence properties for alkali-metal europium double tungstate compounds AEu(WO(4))(2) (A = Li, Na, K) has been investigated by a dual-space structural technique, atomic pair distribution function (PDF) analysis, and the Rietveld method of powder X-ray diffraction. The compounds AEu(WO(4))(2) (A(More)
A convenient six-step procedure is developed to routinely prepare the hexadentate ligand cis,cis-1,3,5-triaminocyclohexane-N,N',N"-triacetic acid (H3tachta) as an HCl salt. Complexes of gallium(III) and indium(III), [Ga(tachta)] and [In(tachta)], are synthesized from the reactions of the ligand and the corresponding metal precursors. Copper(II),(More)
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