Hongru Jia

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This paper presents a novel content-based hidden transmission method for secret data to improve the security and secrecy. In the proposed method, the secret data is encrypted by chaotic map before embedding. Then the cover image is segmented by watershed algorithm and fuzzy c-means clustering. At last we extract the feature of each region and embed the(More)
The seeds of winter wheat were pretreated with three different doses of low-energy N(+) beams, and its seedlings were subjected to UV-B irradiation (10.08 kJ m(-2) day(-1)) at three-leaves stage. The growth characteristic of seeds, the oxidative damage to membrane system induced by UV-B radiation, and the alleviating effects of N(+) beams pretreatment to(More)
This paper proposed a robust and real-time face tracking method using particle filter based on skin color model and facial contour. Particle filter is an excellent tracking algorithm that can resolve no-linear and no-Gaussian problems. Skin color is used as an important cue since it is robust to various face poses and face rotations. A skin color model is(More)
Species turnover is fundamental for understanding the mechanisms that influence large-scale species richness patterns. However, few studies have described and interpreted large-scale spatial variation in plant species turnover, and the causes of this variation remain elusive. In addition, the determinants of species turnover depend on the dispersal ability(More)
Elucidating the major drivers of bryophyte distribution is the first step to protecting bryophyte diversity. Topography, forest, substrates (ground, tree trunks, roots, rocks, and rotten wood), and spatial factor, which factors are the major drivers of bryophyte distribution? In this study, 53 plots were set in 400 m2 along the elevation gradient in(More)
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