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BACKGROUND The prevalence of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) within mainland China is unprecedented and the convergence of these two infectious diseases is increasingly and significantly endangering human health for socioeconomic development. To date, the clinical manifestations, laboratory presentation, and epidemiologic features of HIV/TB coinfection cases(More)
When treating HIV-infected patients with hemophilia, adverse drug reactions and interactions and the effect of treatment on bleeding disorders must be considered. Raltegravir is the first HIV integrase inhibitor, but its use in patients with hemophilia is rarely reported. Nine HIV-positive patients with hemophilia were retrospectively studied with a focus(More)
Software systems with intensive user-computer interactions account for a fairly large part of the total real world software applications, such as web applications, MS Windows applications, GNOME/KDE applications etc. We call this kind of software user-centric software, denoting a defining characteristic which is that they are usable directly by users.(More)
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