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Veronica subsect. Canae constitutes a group of approximately 22 species, mostly endemic to China. The clade is an early branching taxon in the earliest branching subgenus of Veronica and its phylogenetic relationships are therefore relevant for understanding evolutionary patterns in the genus as a whole. In the present study, we aim to confirm the(More)
Both available bit rate (ABR) service and unspeciied bit rate (UBR) service with early packet discard (EPD) schemes have been considered for supporting data applications in ATM networks. Since transmission control protocol (TCP) is perhaps the most widely used transport layer protocol in existing data networks, the performance of TCP over ATM using ABR(More)
Markov chain has been widely applied in the study of land use and landscape changes, but its statistical properties were less tested. Based on the land use change data monitored in Beijing, and with Pearson chi-squared goodness-of-fit test, this paper examined the time stability and time independence of Markov chain of land use change. The results indicated(More)
The Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) technique has been widely applied in land resource management, surveying, mapping, deformation monitoring, precise navigation, etc. This article analyzed the positioning method using EGM2008 and CORS of Jilin Province, China. The vertical transformation of EGM2008 from WGS84 to China's CGCS2000 datum and(More)
Remote sensing and GIS have been widely employed to study temporal and spatial urban land use changes in southern and southeastern China. However, few studies have been conducted in northeastern regions. This study analyzed land use change and spatial patterns of urban expansion in the metropolitan area of Jilin City, located on the extension of Changbai(More)
The study on the pollination ecology of cultivated Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang showed that this plant had two apparent blossoming periods, i.e., in spring and autumn, which were relatively longer than those of the wild one. Cultivated Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang couldnt rely on the wasps living in the variant syconia to pollinate or lay eggs. Under the(More)
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