Hongqiang Liu

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Although DNA vaccine holds a great potential for cancer immunotherapy, effective long-lasting antitumoral immunity sufficient to induce durable responses in cancer patients remains to be achieved. Considering the pivotal role of dendritic cells (DC) in the antigen processing and presentation, we prepared DC-targeting DNA vaccines by fusing tumor-associated(More)
A Bayesian random effects modeling approach was used to examine the influence of neighborhood characteristics on burglary risks in Jianghan District, Wuhan, China. This random effects model is essentially spatial; a spatially structured random effects term and an unstructured random effects term are added to the traditional non-spatial Poisson regression(More)
—We present an Internet-scale network topology information (NTI) service named WIND for localizing P2P traffic. Central to WIND are the two simple ideas: 1) obtaining NTI directly from routing infrastructures, and 2) leveraging existing, widely deployed DNS caches for NTI delivery. WIND fulfills the fidelity, flexibility and scalability requirement of an(More)
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