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Garment e-commerce sales forecast is important for the e-business development strategy planning and the integration of garment supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises. GDP, per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents, the total retail sales of consumer goods, the number of internet users are selected as economic forecast indexes. On the(More)
On the basis of the bus scheduling problems, using stochastic optimization theory and nonlinear programming theory and so on, the bus scheduling and the situation of bus arrangement of Shijiazhuang Hebei province were analyzed. Study on the difference of this process and the improvement between the actual situation and the optimum scheme in theory. Because(More)
This paper investigates the scale-free characteristics of Chinese stock network which includes Shenzhen stock network and ShangHai stock network. We analyze characteristics of the growth and preferential attachment of stock networks. In particular, we study other three important properties of stock networks, such as the rapid communication, robustness and(More)
The esearch of traveling salesman problem is important to material transportation. There are many stochastic disturbance factors affecting material transportation in real activity, so that the result objectivity based on disruption and recovery theory and rotation algorithm to traveling salesman problem is low. In consideration of stochastic factors and(More)
The grey system theory, which has been extensively used in many areas, is appropriate for forecasting. It is necessary to put forward new models or algorithms to improve its performance, especially for forecast accuracy. In the forecast process of grey model, the size of data sample and the number of variables can affect forecast accuracy. In this paper, we(More)