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A power-interrogated sensor which allows for simultaneous measurement of temperature and torsion is proposed and experimentally demonstrated, which is based on utilization of paired helical long-period fiber gratings (HLPG) with opposite helicities. Unlike most of the previous fiber grating-based sensing system, here the paired HLPGs are simultaneously used(More)
A novel approach for the reflection equalization of a phase-only sampled fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is presented, where the grating is specially designed as a simultaneous dispersion and dispersion-slope compensator with channels up to 51. The sampling-function used is given with an analytical form with a linearly-chirped sampling period and is optimized by(More)
By employing the surface and bulk micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) techniques, we design and demonstrate a simple and miniature optical Fabry-Perot interferometric pressure sensor, where the loaded pressure is gauged by measuring the spectrum shift of the reflected optical signal. From the simulation results based on a multiple cavities interference(More)
A novel phase-only sampled 45 channel fiber Bragg grating (channel spacing, 100 GHz) with high interchannel and intrachannel reflection uniformity and precise dispersion matching capability to an 80 km SMF-28 fiber is demonstrated. This grating is fabricated by the side-writing technique, in which phase information of continuous phase-only sampling is(More)
Influence of cladding-mode coupling losses on the spectrum of multi-channel fiber Bragg grating (FBG) has been numerically investigated on the basis of the extended coupled-mode equations. It has been shown that there exists a reflection slope in the spectrum of both the intra- and inter-channels due to the existences of the cladding modes. This slope could(More)
To explore the effect of tamoxifen on expression of ER, PR, Cerb-B2, and ki-67 in C3H mice spontaneous breast cancer model and further explore its relation with chemotherapeutic effect. Forty male C3H mice with spontaneous breast cancer aged 10 months were selected, and randomly divided into model group and tamoxifen group, with 20 mice in either group.(More)
We propose a novel method for the implementation of a tunable multi-channel notch filter based on a thermally induced phase-shift phase-only sampled fiber Bragg grating (FBG). The proposed method is numerically and experimentally demonstrated. A 51-channel notch filter with a bandwidth (FWHM) of 0.026 nm and a tuning range of 0.6 nm has been achieved. This(More)
A continuous phase-only sampling scheme enabling one to create an ultrahigh-channel-count fiber Bragg grating (FBG) with excellent channel uniformity and high in-band energy efficiency is proposed that is based on the simultaneous utilization of two phase-only sampling functions. With this method, a linearly chirped 135-channel FBG with a length of 10 cm, a(More)
A novel continuous phase-only sampling function capable of producing up to 81-channel FBG with excellent channel uniformity and high in-band energy efficiency is presented and optimized by using the simulated annealing algorithm. In order to fabricate this kind of FBG with a conventional side-writing phase-mask technique, both the diffraction effects and(More)
A novel approach to calibrate a phase-shift formed in a long-period fiber grating (LPG) is firstly proposed and numerically demonstrated, which is based on the use of either intensity- or wavelength-interrogation technique to the main loss-peak of the phase-shift LPG in the spectrum. Moreover, by using a CO<sub>2</sub> laser with high-repetition-rate pulses(More)