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BACKGROUND Migrant workers are a unique phenomenon in the process of China's economic transformation. The household registration system classifies them as temporary residents in cities, putting them in a vulnerable state with an unfair share of urban infrastructure and social public welfare. The amount of pressure inflicted by migrant workers in Beijing, as(More)
This paper firstly summarizes the present situation and existing problem in performance management and fund appropriation of community health service. And then aiming at the problems, the budget calculation model has been designed. The design ideas, research content, research methods have been introduced in the paper. Thirdly, based on results about(More)
Research Purpose: Design a mobile intelligent medical information system based on the Internet of things technology. Proposed Methods: First, sort out the basic theory and research status through the literature research, including the Internet of things technology, mobile medical systems and smart hospitals. Then conduct on-site research through field(More)
By the method of literature and research network, the main service demand were analyzed under the background of “Internet +”, put forward the medical service of various stakeholders of Benefiting People mode, and to explore the relationship between the two. Through the analysis of the needs of patients, this article summarizes the information(More)
With the continuous deepening of the hospital information and improvement of self-awareness of quantitative management, to reduce the incidence of medical malpractice, the clinical decision support system (CDSS), which provides decision support for medical staff, has emerged. Faced with China's aging population and the background of high incidence of(More)