Hongping Yang

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Ag-modified In2O3/ZnO bundles with micro/nano porous structures have been designed and synthesized with by hydrothermal method continuing with dehydration process. Each bundle consists of nanoparticles, where nanogaps of 10-30 nm are present between the nanoparticles, leading to a porous structure. This porous structure brings high surface area and fast gas(More)
In a two-echelon supply chain system with one retailer and one manufacturer, the mathematical model of retailer's inventory level and operation cost by sharing the manufacturer 's supply capacity information on time is constructed when the market demand refers to AR(1) model. Based on the order-up-to S level policy, without sharing supplier's capacity(More)
In this paper, a calculation method of the fractal dimensions by wavelets transform coefficients is proposed to characterize topography surface fractal characteristics. Surface profile is simulated based on the Majumdar-Bhushan function. The calculation fractal dimensions are analyzed adapting Daubechies wavelet in different decomposition scales and order.(More)
This paper mainly compares with the implementation technology based on the WAP and J2ME solution. It especially emphasizes the differences among the application architect, the access ability of local saving space, the design of the interface, the technology of security, etc. And the author puts forward some suggestions. The author wishes that it could bring(More)
Taking the retailerpsilas default in supply chain for example, in this paper, using the theory of credit default swap, the writer intends to make a research on the shift of default risk in supply chain. On the condition of insured interest rate and recovery rate, a supposition is made that the default rate of supply chain depends on the doubly stochastic(More)
Contract disputes take up a significant proportion in our country's legal practice, and research on legal diagnosis targeted at contract claim is of great importance. Aiming at features of different users of litigants, agents, lawyers, judges and so on, this paper proposes the establishment Diagnostic System of Contract Claim based on Web and multi-agent(More)
Doppler radar reflectivity and radial velocity data are added directly each hour to the mesoscale model ARPS (The Advanced Regional Prediction System) in numerical simulation by its data processing system ADAS (ARPS Data Analysis System). By simulating the Typhoon Chanthu (1003) process, we analyzed the impact of improving the initial field and forecasting(More)
The highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) energies of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene are crucial in fundamental and applied research of carbon nanomaterials, and so their modulation is desired. Our first-principles calculations reveal that the HOMO energies of CNTs and graphene can both be raised by negatively charging, and that the rate of(More)
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