Hongpeng Yin

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In this paper, a novel image fusion algorithm based on orientation information measure and lifting stationary wavelet transform (LSWT) is proposed, aiming at solving the fusion problem of multifocus images. In order to select the coefficients of the fused image properly, the selection principles for different subbands are discussed, respectively. For(More)
A robotic system for harvesting tomatoes in greenhouses is designed. Effective recognition of ripen tomatoes from complex background is the key technology of the harvesting robotic system. In this work, the color feature of ripen tomatoes is employed. The ripen tomato is segmented by K-means clustering using the L*a*b* color space. To extract a single(More)
A ripe tomato recognition and localization system for tomato harvesting robotic systems in greenhouse is developed. The ripe tomato is segmented by K-means clustering using the L*a*b* color space. To extract a single ripe tomato, mathematical morphology is used to denoise and handle the situations of tomato overlapping and sheltering. Tomato's shape(More)
Traditional mean-shift tracking algorithm use pre-defined tracking feature. Its trends to lead tracking failure in the complex background scenes and fast-changing background scenes. In this paper, an improved mean-shift tracking algorithm using Particle swarm optimization (PSO) based adaptive feature selection is presented to improve the tracking(More)
This paper presents a multi-cellular-ant algorithm for large scale capacitated vehicle routing problem with restrictive vehicle capability. The problem is divided into corresponding smaller ones by a decomposition methodology. Relative relationship between subsystems will be solved through cooperative performance among cellular ants to avoid trivial(More)