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PURPOSE To probe the results of trabeculectomy with human amniotic membrane (HAM) or mitomycin(MMC) in the treatment of glaucoma. METHODS In a randomized control clinical trial, 48 eyes of 28 glaucoma patients were divided into two groups, each group has 24 eyes, and each group was divided into two sub-groups according to the age. The former was underwent(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the clinical characteristics of ocular trauma in children and put forward the major treatment and prevention of ocular trauma in children. METHODS To analyze the clinical data by 77 eyes in 77 cases of ocular trauma in children from April 1999 to February 2002. RESULTS The male and female were in the ratio of 2.21:1. Right eye(More)
PURPOSE To study a method of determining the diopters-cutting for photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) pre-operation. METHODS By statistics, to analyze the differences of diopter between optometry of mydriasis and keratectomy in 143 cases 209 eyes of medium myopia with complete data recorded. RESULT The average diopter for optometry of mydriasis is -4.32(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the clinic manifestation and prognosis of Behçet disease. METHOD Twenty patients requiring inpatient treatment with Behçet disease were retrospectively analyzed. RESULTS The morbidity of Behçet disease is 5.5/100 000. In the systemic damage, stomatocace and skin lesion are 95%, eye lesion and genital ulcer 50%, joint lesion 45%,(More)
BACKGROUND Ocular trauma is the leading cause of monocular visual disability and noncongenital unilateral blindness in children. This study describes the epidemiology and medical care associated with nonfatal pediatric (≤ 17 years of age) eye injury-related hospitalization in the largest industrial base for plastic toy production in China. METHODS A(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the effect of combining amniotic membrane transplantation with mitomycin C to prevent the recurrence in primary pterygium surgery. METHOD Forty eyes were simply excised pterygium and were applied with amniotic membrane transplantation with 0.2 mg/ml mitomycin. RESULT Following up 6 to 18 months, the rate of recurrence is 3%. (More)
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