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This paper presents mathematical methods for the placement of serial robot manipulators with respect to pre-defined target points in arc welding applications where robot is mounted on a gantry or a multi-freedom crossbeam and manual programming of the robot system is rather difficult to complete. The robot placement problem is a nonlinear optimization(More)
A technique based on the Fowler-Milne method for the spectroscopic determination of thermal plasma temperatures without measuring continuum radiation is presented. This technique avoids the influence of continuum radiation with the combined line and continuum emission coefficients to derive the plasma temperatures. The amount of continuum emission(More)
A method for reconstruction of radially distributed plasma emission coefficients from projections with noise is proposed. The method represents the projections based on overlapping piecewise polynomial least squares fitting to take the inversion. Parameters that affect the inversion accuracy are analyzed and discussed in detail. Results for profiles with(More)
Errors in discrete Abel inversion methods using Fourier transform techniques have been analyzed. The Fourier expansion method is very accurate but sensitive to noise. The Fourier-Hankel method has a significant systematic negative deviation, which increases with the radius; inversion error of the method can be reduced by adjusting the value of a factor.(More)
We present a technique to reconstruct the environment for telerobotic welding. The welding environment consists of typical textureless object, which causes problem in stereo matching of traditional spacial stereo. Under the novel framework of spacetime stereo, we add artificial texture onto the surface of objects by projecting a multi-level dual(More)
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