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Automated collaborative filtering has become a popular technique for reducing information overload. We have developed a new method for recommending items using multiple agents. The agents were established by employing the fuzzy C-means clustering technique. We employ these agents collaborating each other to get recommendation for users. The results were(More)
A method for finding best channels as the auxiliary channels to cancel the interference components in the main channel in reduced-dimension (RD) space-time adaptive processing (STAP) is proposed. Motivated by the cross-spectral metric (CSM) which evaluates the significance of eigenvectors; the significance of each angular-Doppler channel to output(More)
To solve additional local waviness of uncoiled strip caused by local high spot, the destabilization waviness model was established, and the critical destabilization value of additional local waviness was deduced based on strip energy theory and local high spot layers stress model. The influence of local high spot on additional local waviness of uncoiled(More)
By modeling and simulating, analyzed vibration characteristics of a kind of 3-degree-of-freedom ofvibro-impact system with periodic excitation whichinclude clearance, the interface where the gap closedwas chosen as a Poincaré section, using Runge-Kuttamethod proved that this model has a chaotic situation.The research of the system's bifurcation and(More)
A contact shape meter with new structure, called MPIBPST(Multi-Roll-Piece Inner Bore Piezomagnetic Sensor Type) shape meter, for cold-rolled steel strip is developed, and it is applied to 1050II HC mill. Optimization design on the structure of shape meter roll is carried out and shape signal is compensated properly from several perspectives, for example,(More)