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A gene vector consisting of nanodiamond, polyglycerol, and basic polypeptide (ND-PG-BPP) has been designed, synthesized, and characterized. The ND-PG-BPP was synthesized by PG functionalization of ND through ring-opening polymerization of glycidol on the ND surface, multistep organic transformations (-OH → -OTs (tosylate) → -N3) in the PG layer, and click(More)
We present measurements on microwave spectroscopy on a double quantum dot with an on-chip microwave source. The quantum dots are realized in the two-dimensional electron gas of an AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructure and are weakly coupled in series by a tunneling barrier forming an 'ionic' molecular state. As a microwave source we employ a Josephson oscillator(More)
resonances can be resolved for this interdot tuning with an energy offset (⌬ε) of about 70 to 120 ␮eV. Raising the interdot tunneling barrier reduces ⌬ε (dashed lines), and consequently the number of resonances diminishes to one. As for real dimers, this can be understood by the reduced overlap of the dot wave functions that determines ⌬ε of corresponding(More)
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