Hongmei Qin

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OBJECTIVE To study the status of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), and Perfluorooctanoic acid (FOA) pollution in serum and umbilical blood among general people in Shenyang area. METHODS Concentration of PFOS and PFOA in adult serum and umbilical blood samples was measured by means of liquid phase chromatography/mass spectrograph selective iron monitoring(More)
A gene vector consisting of nanodiamond, polyglycerol, and basic polypeptide (ND-PG-BPP) has been designed, synthesized, and characterized. The ND-PG-BPP was synthesized by PG functionalization of ND through ring-opening polymerization of glycidol on the ND surface, multistep organic transformations (-OH → -OTs (tosylate) → -N3) in the PG layer, and click(More)
We report on the application of pristine graphene as a drug carrier for phototherapy (PT). The loading of a photosensitizer, chlorin e6 (Ce6), was achieved simply by sonication of Ce6 and graphite in an aqueous solution. During the loading process, graphite was gradually exfoliated to graphene to give its composite with Ce6 (G-Ce6). This one-step approach(More)
A nanodiamond-polyglycerol-gadolinium(ll) conjugate has been designed and prepared as novel nanodiamond-based magnetic resonance (MR) contrast agent dispersible in physiological media. Detonation nanodiamond (dND) was first grafted with polyglycerol (PG) through ring-opening polymerization of glycidol to impart dispersibility to dND in physiological media.(More)
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