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Changes in MicroRNA expression patterns in human fibroblasts after low‐LET radiation
A model in which miRNAs may act as “hub” regulators of specific cellular responses, immediately down‐regulated so as to stimulate DNA repair mechanisms, followed by up‐regulation involved in suppressing apoptosis for cell survival is suggested. Expand
Evidence Report: Risk of Acute Radiation Syndromes Due to Solar Particle Events
  • Lisa S. Carnell, Steve R. Blattnig, +6 authors Honglu Wu
  • Environmental Science
  • 2016
Crew health and performance may be impacted by a major solar particle event (SPE), multiple SPEs, or the cumulative effect of galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and SPEs. Beyond low-Earth orbit, theExpand
Biological Effectiveness of Accelerated Particles for the Induction of Chromosome Damage Measured in Metaphase and Interphase Human Lymphocytes
The effect of mitotic delay on RBE values was investigated by measuring chromosome aberrations in interphase after chemically induced premature chromosome condensation (PCC), and values were up to threefold higher than for metaphase analysis. Expand
Radiation dosimetry and biophysical models of space radiation effects.
The biophysical description of heavy particle tracks is addressed in the context of the interpretation of both space radiation dosimetry and radiobiology data, which may provide insights into new approaches to these problems. Expand
Involvement of Nucleotide Excision and Mismatch Repair Mechanisms in Double Strand Break Repair
The developing view that the DSB repair mechanisms are more complex and are regulated by not only the well known HR/NHEJ pathways, but also a systematically coordinated cellular network is presented. Expand
Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Expression Profile of MicroRNA in Human Lymphoblastoid Cells*
It is indicated that simulated microgravity alters the expression of miRNAs and genes in TK6 cells and this study is the first to report the effects of simulated micro gravity on theexpression of miRNA and related genes. Expand
Biofabrication of a three-dimensional liver micro-organ as an in vitro drug metabolism model.
The principles and methods that undergird the direct cell writing biofabrication process development and adaptation of microfluidic devices for the creation of a drug screening model are detailed, thereby establishing a novel drug metabolism study platform for NASA's interest to adopt a micro fluidic microanalytical device with an embedded three-dimensional microscale liver tissue analog to assess drug pharmacokinetic profiles in planetary environments. Expand
mBAND Analysis of Chromosomal Aberrations in Human Epithelial Cells Exposed to Low- and High-LET Radiation
The results of this study confirmed the observation of a higher incidence of inversions for high-LET radiation, but detailed analysis of the inversion type revealed that both iron ions and γ rays induced a low incidence of simple inversions. Expand
Cell killing and radiosensitizing effects of atorvastatin in PC3 prostate cancer cells.
The data indicate that activation of the autophagy pathway may be responsible for apoptosis inducing effect of statin and combined treatment with radiation and autophagic inducer, such as statin, may be synergistic in inducing cell death of PC3 cells. Expand
Biodosimetry study in Dolon and Chekoman villages in the vicinity of Semipalatinsk nuclear test site.
The results showed that the average frequency of stable translocations for the Dolon group was significantly greater that of the Chekoman group, and the elevated level ofstable translocations with the Dol on residents corresponds to a dose of about 180 mSv. Expand