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Impedance-based fault location methods are widely used due to their simple mode of operation and relatively low cost. However, their performance suffers from factors such as fault impedance, pre-fault load current, and remote infeed. Although significant improvements have been made by compensating these effects, the presence of unreliable zero-sequence(More)
In this paper an experimental teaching platform named OptoBridge is presented which supports the sharing of the collaborative space for spatially distributed users to assist skill acquisition. The development of OptoBridge is based on augmented reality (AR) and integrates free-hand gesture interactions with the video mediated communication. The prototype is(More)
As the key development area of the national level, the development of the Central Plains Economic Region has great strategic significances. However, the Central Plains Economic Region is existing four “dilemmas”: the dilemma between a rapid economic development and the adjustment of economic structure; the dilemma between keeping stimulating(More)
For active noise control problems, when noise sources are contaminated by impulsive noise, the classic FxLMS converges slowly or even diverges. In order to effectively control such impulsive noise sources, by minimizing the L1-norm of an error vector, a modified filteredx affine projection sign algorithm (MFxAPSA) has been proposed. An exact efficient(More)
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) established the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program in 2012. The purpose of the CLER Program is to provide the clinical learning environments (CLEs) that serve as the sites for the education of more than 120 000 residents and fellows in ACGME-accredited programs with periodic(More)
Introductions are given to key technologies of various Mixed and Augmented Reality systems developed and realized at Beijing Institute of Technology. The automatic calibration method for the multi-projector systems is studied and a new constrained color-matching algorithm has been investigated to remove the color variations. The optical see-through(More)
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