Honglin Wu

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This letter presents a new greedy method, called Adaptive Sparsity Matching Pursuit (ASMP), for sparse solutions of underdetermined systems with a typical/random projection matrix. Unlike anterior greedy algorithms, ASMP can extract information on sparsity of the target signal adaptively with a well-designed stagewise approach. Moreover, it takes advantage(More)
The integration of thousands of optical input/output (I/O) devices and large electronic crossbar switching elements onto a single optoelectronic integrated circuit (IC) can place stringent power demands on the CMOS substrates. Currently, there is no sufficiently general analytic methodology for power analysis and power reduction of large-scale crossbar(More)
Compressive sensing (CS), which exploits the spectral sparsity of wideband signals, is a powerful approach to wideband spectrum acquisition at sub-Nyquist sampling rates. In this paper, we propose a modified CoSaMP method for fast and accurate wideband compressive spectrum sensing in noisy environments. We exploit the priori knowledge of the noise level to(More)
Optoelectronic integrated circuits can support thousands of integrated optical laser diodes and photodetectors bonded to a high-performance CMOS substrate, and can be used in the design of Multi-Terabit optical Local Area Networks. This paper describes the design of an integrated optoelectronic CMOS crossbar switch to interconnect approx. 128 parallel fiber(More)
Traffic sign recognition plays an important role in intelligent transportation systems. Motivated by the recent success of deep learning in the application of traffic sign recognition, we present a shallow network architecture based on convolutional neural networks (CNNs). The network consists of only three convolutional layers for feature extraction, and(More)