Honglin He

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This study aims to investigate the impact of the spatial size of the study domain on the performance of the triangle method using progressively smaller domains and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) observations in the Heihe River basin located in the arid region of northwestern China. Data from 10 clear-sky days during the growing season(More)
Increasing heatwave and drought events can potentially alter the carbon cycle. Few studies have investigated the impacts of hundred-year return heatwaves and droughts, as those events are rare. In the summer of 2013, southern China experienced its strongest drought and heatwave on record for the past 113 years. We show that the record-breaking heatwave and(More)
The uncertainty in the predicted values of a process-based terrestrial ecosystem model is as important as the predicted values themselves. However, few studies integrate uncertainty analysis into their modeling of carbon dynamics. In this paper, we conducted a local sensitivity analysis of the model parameters of a process-based ecosystem model at the(More)
Water use efficiency (WUE) is a useful indicator to illustrate the interaction of carbon and water cycles in terrestrial ecosystems. MODIS gross primary production (GPP) and evapotranspiration (ET) products have been used to analyze the spatial and temporal patterns of WUE and their relationships with environmental factors at regional and global scales.(More)
Understanding the climatic and biotic controls of interannual variability (IAV) in net ecosystem exchange (NEE) is important for projecting future uptake of CO2 in terrestrial ecosystems. In this study, a statistical modeling approach was used to partition climatic and biotic effects on the IAV in NEE, gross primary productivity (GPP) and ecosystem(More)
Many factors have been shown to affect species assemblages of a community, but studies using long-term spatial–temporal community data are still lacking. In this study, by using population abundance data of 14 rodent species over 25 years in 21 sampling sites, we investigated the effects of taxonomic relation, density dependency, species interaction and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Digital camera Greenness index Phenological date Gross primary production Winter wheat Recent studies have shown that the greenness index derived from digital camera imagery has high spatial and temporal resolution. These findings indicate that it can not only provide a reasonable characterization of canopy seasonal variation(More)
Information about the uncertainties associated with eddy covariance observations of surface-atmosphere CO2 exchange is of importance for model-data fusion in carbon cycling studies and the accurate evaluation of ecosystem carbon budgeting. In this paper, a comprehensive analysis was conducted to investigate the influence of data processing procedures,(More)