Hongliang Yuan

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In this paper, by explicitly considering a dynamic model of the robots, the coefficients of trajectories are determined by boundary conditions, optimal performance index and collision avoidance conditions. The planned trajectory is feasible and has a closed loop expression, which is efficient for real-time updating. There are two main improvements compared(More)
For the problems that we can't monitor abnormal conditions of heart rate continuously, a clouding based pulse monitoring and data analysis framework has been proposed. Source of the framework is composed of multiple ZigBee based pulse monitoring sensors, customized gateways and back-end system. Individuals' pulse information are collected by sensors and(More)
With the rapid development of Internet of Things and Big Data analysis, the computing mode of the 21st century is undergoing profound reform. But these technologies bring great challenges such as more multiple-dimensional and more numerous information with wide-area and heterogeneous sensor networks to classical context-aware frameworks at the same time.(More)
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