Hongliang Tian

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As cloud computing is widely used in various fields, more and more individuals and organizations are considering outsourcing data to the public cloud. However, the security of the cloud data has become the most prominent concern of many customers, especially those who possess a large volume of valuable and sensitive data. Although some technologies like(More)
Electric power steering (EPS) systems have been more and more widely used in medium and large cars. As a safety-critical system, its safety and reliability are uttermost important. ISO 26262 adapted from IEC 61508 provides a V-model as a reference process model for different phases of product development. In this paper, DFMEA (design failure mode and(More)
Hybrid row-column storage model [1][4], a common database approach for both OLTP and OLAP, have attracted a lot of attention in the past few years. Previous works about hybrid row-column approach mainly focus on physical storage. In this paper, we propose the idea of Layout-Conscious Optimization(LCO), techniques that fully exploits possibilities and take(More)
A dual-channel RF receiver with novel architecture is designed for GPS/Galileo/Compass in a 0.18µm CMOS process. Its two channels are capable of simultaneously receiving 2MHz or 4MHz bandwidth signals around 1.57GHz for GPS, Galileo and Compass systems. A novel IF selection and image rejection scheme enables the two channels sharing the same(More)
To overcome the poor accuracy of fault line selection in small current grounded system, which induced by the reliability of symptom and the correlation symptom terms, a novel fault line selection method is proposed based on improved D-S evidence theory in the paper. Firstly, the fault line selection model is established based on traditional D-S evidence(More)
The concept of virtual material was presented for the first time when the flexible joint interface may be considered as a virtual material with the same cross area. The virtual material is rigidly connected with two components situated in both sides of flexible joint interface. By adding an element, a complicated assembled part including a joint interface(More)