Hongliang Chen

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This paper proposes a Markov Decision Process and reinforcement learning based approach for domain selection in a multidomain Spoken Dialogue System built on a distributed architecture. In the proposed framework, the domain selection problem is treated as sequential planning instead of classification, such that confirmation and clarification interaction(More)
The current study contributes to the examination of third-person effects in the context of Internet pornography in China. Drawing from third-person effect theory, this study investigates what factors determine the self-others perceptual discrepancy in estimations of Internet pornography influences. Using data from a 2014 online survey (N = 533) conducted in(More)
Rapid population growth in Pakistan poses major risks, including those pertinent to public health. In the context of family planning in Pakistan, the current study evaluates the Touch condom media campaign and its effects on condom-related awareness, attitudes, behavioral intention, and behavior. This evaluation relies on 3 waves of panel survey data from(More)
This study investigates the factors predicting positive self-disclosure on social networking sites (SNSs). There is a formidable body of empirical research relating to online self-disclosure, but very few studies have assessed the antecedents of positive self-disclosure. To address this literature gap, the current study tests the effects of self-esteem,(More)
The turbulent flow in the impeller of sewage pump is simulated. Basing on the method of SIMPLE-C, the time-averaged N-S equations and the modified k-ε turbulent model is adopted during simulation. Through the calculation, velocity, pressure distributions of the turbulent flow in the sewage pump are obtained. And this will be helpful for the optimal(More)
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