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Two new triterpene synthase cDNAs, named as OEW and TRW, were cloned from olive leaves (Olea europaea) and from dandelion roots (Taraxacum officinale), respectively, by the PCR method with primers designed from the conserved sequences found in the known oxidosqualene cyclases. Their ORFs consisted of 2274 bp nucleotides and coded for 758 amino acid long(More)
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a security technology that attempts to identify intrusions. Defending against multi-step intrusions which prepare for each other is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to alert post-processing and correlation, the Alerts Parser. Different from most other alert correlation methods, our approach(More)
This paper presents a game-theoretic method for analyzing the active defense of computer networks. We regard the interactions between an attacker and the defender as a two-player, non-cooperative, zero-sum, finite game and formulate an attack-defense game (ADG) model for the game. An optimal active defense strategy decision (OADSD) algorithm is developed(More)
—Anonymous communication is a challenging task in resource constrained wireless sensor networks (WSN). However, anonymity is important for many sensor networks, in which we want to conceal the location and identify of important nodes (such as source nodes and base stations) from attackers. Existing WSN anonymous protocols either cannot achieve complete(More)
A low-current direct-conversion transmitter (TX) is obtained by combining an efficient single-balanced 25% duty-cycle passive mixer with a low-bias single-ended driver. The nonlinearity of such architecture is aggravated by strong harmonics at the mixer output folding down to the fundamental frequency due to driver nonlinearity. To address this, a baseband(More)
—With the proliferation of hybrid clouds in both cost-saving and effectiveness, a growing number of users are building their own private cloud. However, private cloud can only provide limited resource, and always resorts to public cloud in order to meet elastic service requirements. Generally, public cloud is operated by commercial service providers (CSPs)(More)