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This study was conducted to evaluate effects of storage temperatures (4°C and 20°C) and pig breeds (Laiwu pig and Large White pig) on the main antioxidative enzymes (superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase) activity and lipid oxidation in porcine Longissimus dorsi muscle. Activities of antioxidative enzymes (AOE) decreased slightly during(More)
To study the molecular basis of intramuscular fat (IMF) deposition, suppression subtractive hybridization was used to investigate the differences in gene expression between m. longissimus dorsi (LD) of high IMF Laiwu pig group and low IMF Laiwu pig group. From two specific subtractive cDNA libraries, the expression-upregulated clone HL-27 was selected by(More)
Segmentation is often a procedure to group spatially adjacent image pixels into segments. Spatially adjacent pixels form one image segment if they meet some criteria, such as spectral similarity. A segmentation result may vary, depending on a given generalization level and other constraints such as compactness. In practice, the quality of a segmentation(More)
Large-panicle rice cultivars often fail to reach their yield potential due to the poor grain filling of inferior spikelets (IS). Thus, it is important to determine the causes of poor IS grain filling. In this study, we attempted to identify whether inferior grain filling of large panicles is restricted by superior spikelets (SS) and their physiological(More)