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As a crucial security problem, anti-spoofing in biomet-rics, and particularly for the face modality, has achieved great progress in the recent years. Still, new threats arrive in form of better, more realistic and more sophisticated spoofing attacks. The objective of the 2nd Competition on Counter Measures to 2D Face Spoofing Attacks is to challenge(More)
Zika virus (ZIKV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that usually causes asymptomatic infections or mild illness in humans. However, the unprecedented epidemics of ZIKV in Latin America since early 2015 have made this flavivirus an international health risk (Liu and Zhang, 2016). In particular, the potential association of ZIKV infection with the remarkable(More)
A fundamental technical hurdle in systems neurophysiology has been to record the activity of individual neurons in situ while using microstimulation to activate inputs or outputs. Stimulation artifact at the recording electrode has largely limited the usefulness of combined stimulating and recording to using single stimulation pulses (e.g., orthodromic and(More)
Automatic face recognition in unconstrained environments is a challenging task. To test current trends in face recognition algorithms, we organized an evaluation on face recognition in mobile environment. This paper presents the results of 8 different participants using two verification met-rics. Most submitted algorithms rely on one or more of three types(More)
The Web Services Atomic Transactions (WS-AT) specification makes it possible for businesses to engage in standard distributed transaction processing over the Internet using Web Services technology. For such business applications, trustworthy coordination of WS-AT is crucial. In this paper, we explain how to render WS-AT coordination trustworthy by applying(More)
We present a lightweight Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) algorithm, which can be used to render the coordination of web services business activities (WS-BA) more trustworthy. The lightweight design of the BFT algorithm is the result of a comprehensive study of the threats to the WS-BA coordination services and a careful analysis of the state model of WS-BA.(More)
This paper presents an intelligent procurement marketplace for finding the best mix of web services to dynamically compose the business process desired by a web service requester. We develop a combinatorial auction approach that leads to an integer programming formulation for the web services composition problem. The model takes into account the Quality of(More)
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is an important pathogen in swine and is responsible for substantial economic losses. Previous studies suggest that the PEDV E protein plays an important role in the viral assembly process. However, the subcellular localization and other functions of PEDV E protein still require more research. The subcellular(More)
Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography (CE-MRA) requires high spatial resolution to demonstrate detailed vasculature and high temporal resolution to capture the contrast bolus. Sparse bright voxels in MRA permit substantial undersampling in MRI data acquisition, allowing simultaneous high temporal and spatial resolution. We developed a(More)