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applications. Web-accessible programs, databases, sensors, and a variety of other physical devices realize these services. In the next decade, computers will most likely be ubiquitous, and most devices will have some sort of computer inside them. Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, views the population of the Internet by smart devices as the(More)
A new model of distributed, collaborative information evolution is emerging. As exemplified in Wikipedia, online collaborative information repositories are being generated, updated, and maintained by a large and diverse community of users. Issues concerning trust arise when content is generated and updated by diverse populations. Since these information(More)
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As collaborative repositories grow in popularity and use, issues concerning the quality and trustworthiness of information grow. Some current popular repositories contain contributions from a wide variety of users, many of which will be unknown to a potential end user. Additionally the content may change rapidly and information that was previously(More)
Wikis are a type of collaborative repository system that enables users to create and edit shared content on the Web. The popularity and proliferation of Wikis have created a new set of challenges for trust research because the content in a Wiki can be contributed by a wide variety of users and can change rapidly. Nevertheless, most Wikis lack explicit trust(More)
Information integration is the task of aggregating data from multiple heterogeneous data sources. The understandings of semantics and context knowledge of data sources are often the keys to challenging problems in information integration such as schema alignments and inconsistency resolution. Context logic provides a unified framework for the modeling of(More)