Honglei Miao

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Mobile positioning has drawn significant attention in recent years. In dealing with the non-line-of-sight (NLOS) propagation error, the dominant error source in the mobile positioning, most previous research in this area has focused on the NLOS identification and mitigation. In this paper, we investigate new positioning algorithms to take advantage of the(More)
This paper presents a subspace–based algorithm for the simultaneous estimation of angle of arrivals (AOAs) and angle of departures (AODs) from an estimated spatial signature at the receive antenna array. The algorithm exploits a 2–D Unitary ESPRIT-like technique to separate and estimate the phase shifts due to the AOAs and AODs with automatic pairing of the(More)
Millimeter-wave (mmW) communication is envisioned to be a promising technology to cater for the continuous growth of backhaul link capacity demand. To compensate the severe path loss for mmW signals, the mmW backhaul link typically employs beam alignment between transmitter and receiver to achieve essential antenna gain. To reduce deployment cost and(More)