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Elicitations are considered to be an important strategy to improve production of secondary metabolites of plant cell cultures. However, mechanisms responsible for the elicitor-induced production of secondary metabolites of plant cells have not yet been fully elucidated. Here, we report that treatment of Catharanthus roseus cell suspension cultures with(More)
Urban traffic flow has the property of complexity, uncertainty, and time-varying, which bring large difficulty to real-time and accurately forecast the traffic flow for traffic control and route guidance. In this paper, according to the characteristics of existing traffic flow prediction model for long processing time and memory constraints, a parallel(More)
The key to achieve a highly sensitive and specific protein microarray assay is to prevent nonspecific protein adsorption to an "absolute" zero level because any signal amplification method will simultaneously amplify signal and noise. Here, we develop a novel solid supporting material, namely, polymer coated initiator integrated poly(dimethysiloxane)(More)
The current fire fighting robot accomplishes mostly assignments independently, which cannot meet the demand that managers in remote terminal mastery the real-time information of fire scene. Aiming at this problem, this paper designs and implements the mobile robot remote fire alarm system, which is composed of two parts: mobile robot and remote terminal.(More)
For the limited application and shortcoming of FCM (Fuzzy C-Means) clustering algorithm, an improved automatic FCM clustering algorithm is put forward. First, the fuzzy equivalent matrix is achieved by fuzzier the standard uniform data sets; then, the objective function of the improved automatic FCM clustering algorithm is optimized by the amendment of(More)
This paper constructs a bridge health monitoring system based on Wireless Sensor Network. In order to detect and obtain the bridge's status information, we have studied the clock synchronization problem between the sensor nodes in wireless sensor network of the bridge health monitoring system. The clock synchronization simulation verifies the design of(More)
The detection distance and accuracy of the path are two key factors of photoelectric intelligent track-searching vehicles. Firstly, through the analysis of operating principles of photoelectric sensors, this article designs a circuit for photoelectric sensors. This circuit could make photoelectric sensors work in impulse state, enlarging their detection(More)
There is always a need for fast keypoint matching in applications. This paper focuses on the area of stereo vision and presents an algorithm for fast keypoint matching. We first estimate the potential match's position according the optical flow. Then the following matching process is restricted in a smaller region. Experiments show that our algorithm is(More)