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The uncultivated species Dasypyrum breviaristatum carries novel diseases resistance and agronomically important genes of potential use for wheat improvement. The development of new wheat-D. breviaristatum derivatives lines with disease resistance provides an opportunity for the identification and localization of resistance genes on specific Dasypyrum(More)
Five gold nanohole arrays with distinct aperture size were fabricated by magnetron sputtering technique. Fluorescence enhancements of Rh6G fluorophore in the close vicinity of gold nanohole arrays were observed. Up to 40 times increase of fluorescence intensity was obtained from gold nanohole arrays as compared with a smooth gold surface control sample. A(More)
A frequency domain distributed 55 segment arterial model was constructed from the reflection perspective to predict pressure waveforms in the large systemic arteries. At any node, the predicted pressure waveform was the combination of a forward propagating waveform and a number of repeatedly reflected waveforms from any possible sites. This approach ensured(More)
Three populations with a total of 125 BC2F3:4 introgression lines (ILs) selected for high yields from three BC2F2 populations were used for genetic dissection of rice yield and its related traits. The progeny testing in replicated phenotyping across two environments and genotyping with 140 polymorphic simple sequence repeat markers allowed the(More)
The brain is most sensitively dependent on oxygen to maintain its normal function. Methods to assess the degree of its oxygenation have generally been invasive and indirect. Rapid assessment of brain oxygenation is particularly vital during cerebrospinal ischemia and hypoxia. We have developed a noninvasive electro-optical method using pulsed near-infrared(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the complication rates of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) and to study the risk factors associated with the nonelective removal of PICCs. One hundred four premature infants were enrolled. Ninety-one PICCs were removed electively. The complications rate was 31.73%,(More)
Impedance cardiography (IC) has been used to monitor the pumping function of the heart in terms of stroke volume or cardiac output. We explored the extent to which IC can be used for monitoring transient effects of cardiac alterations on a beat-to-beat basis. A four-spot-electrode configuration was used in the present design. The spatial arrangement of the(More)