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In Pocket Switched Networks (PSN), the similarity of mobility patterns of different human beings can be exploited to design routing protocols that have better packet delivery ratio and shorter end-to-end delay. However, current research lacks techniques to effectively quantify the similarity of human beings’ mobility behaviors as they exhibit diversities in(More)
Message oriented middleware (MOM) is an infrastructure of message passing on wired networks that supports integrity of application modules distributed over heterogeneous platforms. MOM service for mobile computing have become of increasing concern, in particular, with the development of wireless network and the popularity of mobile devices. However,(More)
Formation control of a robot team is studied under the lack of communication channels. The robots are only equipped with displacement sensors of limited ranges. The robots are equally important and can access the objective formation in an arbitrary shape. In this paper, we present a protocol that has been designed to map the displacements from the sensors(More)
Recently, the popularity of mobile devices increasingly demands mobile computing techniques. Due to the special particularities of mobile computing environments, users will typically modify local replicas of shared data independently during disconnection. The inconsistent data need to be reconciled when they get connected again. Message is also a kind of(More)
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