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Aim at the influence of the weather factor upon the road vehicle, this paper puts forward a kind of a weather identifying system vehicle video image. The system needs to initialize an original background image which is the brightest on the average in the first period of time. The background image is renewed not only when the bright degree of next frame(More)
Here we describe briefly the architecture and mechanisms of a " conscious " software agent named IDA who is to act as a type of employment agent. We go on to show how this architecture and these mechanisms allow IDA to deliberate much as we humans do and to make voluntary choices of actions. The technology described, if successful, should allow the(More)
1 Human Information Agents Human information agents include insurance agents, travel agents, voter registrars, mail-order service clerks, telephone information operators, employment agents, AAA route planners, customer service agents, bank loan officers, and many, many others. Such human agents must typically possess a common set of skills. These would(More)
SUMPY is a software agent " living " in and helping to maintain a UNIX file system for better disk space utilization by compressing and backing up. Built using subsumption architecture, SUMPY displays a " plug and play " property. A new UNIX maintenance task can be added to SUMPY's repertoire without modification of existing layers. One of SUMPY's layers(More)