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The paper proposes an improved reversible substitution method to hide data into deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequence, and four measures have been taken to enhance the robustness and enlarge the hiding capacity, such as encode the secret message by DNA coding, encrypt it by pseudo-random sequence, generate the relative hiding locations by piecewise linear(More)
This paper proposes an improved chaos-based color pathological image encryption algorithm, using SHA-2 to generate one-time keys. In order to send different ciphered images to different recipients, the hash value of the plain image and a random number are applied to generate one-time initial conditions for Chebyshev maps, to make the key stream change in(More)
Snake-like robots exhibited more advantages than conventional mobile robots on environment adaptation. They almost can move in most ill conditions including rough terrain, desert, water, cave and tree. In this paper, a 3D snake-like robot called Perambulator-II (Shenyang Institute of Automation snake-like robot II) is developed with the acquirement of(More)
We demonstrate that nanosecond pulses are generated directly from an all-fiber mode-locked ytterbium-doped fiber laser. A pair of Chirped Fiber Gratings (CFGs) with different sign of dispersion is employed for intracavity dispersion management. Self-starting stabilized mode-locking operation is achieved by nonlinear polarization evolution (NPE). The 1.27 ns(More)
From a perspective based on behavioural science and social psychology, we analyze the behavioral factors that influence the ERP(enterprise resource planning) implementation. We integrate the TAM(technology acceptance model) with TOE(technical-orgnization-environment) model ,and add the third-party consulting institutions factor as a new external variable.(More)